In a few moments, you will be asked to fill out a detailed online form which is meant to gather comprehensive information about your act or band, your music, your influences, your artistic and career goals, etc. As many applications are filed by acts or bands with multiple members, we ask that you look over the following summary of the information you will be asked to provide on the application form. If applicable, please discuss the questions with the other members of your act or band so you can compile answers that best represent the group as a whole. You might also find it helpful to review and refer to as you gather the information needed to complete the application.

  • Band or Artist Name

  • Current City

  • Primary Contact Name

  • Primary Contact Phone Number

  • Primary Contact Email Address

  • Artist Website

  • URL to Reverbnation or Online EPK

  • Artist or Band Social Network Sites

  • Act or Band Members Personal Social Media Links

  • Your Genre(s)

  • Act or Band Bio & Formation Story

  • Other Venues, Festivals, Tours, and Settings You've Played In The Past?

  • Other Notable Professional Performance Experience

  • Primary Artistic Motivation

  • Charitable Causes You've Worked With Before

  • Visas/Passports Available?

  • Do you participate in any Extreme Sports?

  • What Equipment Do You Have and What Equipment Do You Require?

  • What Other Production Equipment Do You Own or Have Available To You For Touring?

  • Any Other Notes You Think Would Be Important For The Selection Panel To Consider

  • Please List A Personal and Professional Reference and Their Contact Info

If You Received a "Preferred Artist" Applicant Code indicating recommendation from one of our A&R Team, please insert and submit it HERE