As we work with schools, institutions, and other community organizations that provide services to minors and other vulnerable people groups; and as our artists often interact with their clients both on and off stage, we are expected to do a proper amount of “due diligence” on each applicant, ensuring that they would be legally able to serve in such a setting. This means that we conduct and/or process a background screening on each applicant.

Applicants may be required to provide additional references and must sign a digital consent form for the background check that is conducted to help us meet the policy requirements and expectations of the agencies we partner with in the communities we visit. This screening is done in house and is completely confidential. While checking relevant public criminal conviction information,it does not include a consumer report or credit check (third-party or otherwise).

In a moment, you will fill out the final application questionnaire (answering the questions we provided samples of earlier).

Before you do, however, you will need to submit the information and funds for the Background Vetting we told you we have to do for each applicant. General applicants who have not received a “Preferred Applicant” Code will also need to pay a General Application fee. Please do that through the following steps, and then continue on to the questionnaire, following the directions you will be given after submitting your background vetting funds.