We thought we would explain in more detail about the fundraising goal, and provide some tips and encouragement.

As you know, the participants on the Extreme Tour Staff and Team are all volunteers and missionaries. We have each made a choice to give of our time and resources freely in order to assist you in reaching the lost in your city. The Extreme Tour staff survives by faith; living off of the donations of monthly sponsors, from working odd jobs in the winter time, etc. NO money is made, and NO profit is generated by ANY part of the Extreme Tour or the Objective Movement.

However, it DOES take real resources to get this thing done. Without the funds needed by this ministry's operating budget, the Tour could not be possible.

These costs are numerous, and include the costs of our website, the costs of providing for Extreme Tour staff's transportation and needs while they are on the road, making artist recruitment and promotion of the Tour to bands possible, printing and creating promo materials, prizes and giveaways, etc... Basically all of the administrative costs that go into the year-round operation of a non-profit of this size.

The Extreme Tour has always been independent and not provided for by corporate sponsors or by any underwriting ministry (although we do have a non-profit accountability board that approves every expenditure.) Therefore we rely on the fundraising efforts of our local hosts to keep us going.

To estimate the fundraising need, we divide the previous year's operating budget by the number of cities where we ministered. This is how we arrive at the fundraising goal which we have requested.

When a city does not have the money to help with the need, we work to help them raise it, OR we waive the fundraising goal and, oftentimes, cover it with money from our own pockets. However, we are obviously limited as to how many times we can do this.

This means that your ability to raise the need is CRITICAL, not only to the success of YOUR city's event, but to the success of EVERY Extreme Tour Event. After all, if enough cities do not raise their share, we cannot make it to the cities that DO raise their share.

IF YOU FIND YOURSELF UNABLE TO RAISE THE FUNDRAISING NEED, PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL. This only makes the problem worse for us. THEN, not only do we have to raise the need, we have to find all the other needs as well. Rather, make the need known. Talk to some local Christian business owners, your church, local civic organizations, etc. You would be surprised who God will use to meet the need in your city. Don't put God in a box by assuming that certain people will not help. Ask them. Let God do the talking. Watch what happens.

Ultimately, we are not willing to let missing Fundraising support keep us from coming to your city. We are certain that God is faithful. And we believe that, if we have done all that we can (you and us), that God WILL provide. Whatever you do, don't feel intimidated! Don't give up! God will provide for ALL that He has called us to do

Here are some fundraising ideas that some of our cities have used in the past to help them reach the fundraising goal. 

  • Sell booth space to local vendors. Mark out multiple 10' by 10' spots on the outer edge of the event to form a border around the main area.Have vendors each bring their own tent and tables. You can charge $100-$150 a "booth" and easily raise a part if not all of the fundraising goal. 

  • Take gift cards that were donated to you and instead of giving them away as prizes, Buy a roll of raffle tickets and sell them for $1 a piece. Give the gift cards to the people whose ticket you pull from the "hat". This method was used last year and one city raised $750 in a couple of hours. (They had a table set up outside at the local grocery store)

  • There are old faithfuls like candy bars, car wash, bake sales, and even discount cards that seem to always help with reaching the goal. The key is to start as early as possible with selling them. 

  • Community Auction: People donate items (new bikes, homemade furniture, etc.) and services (i.e. house painting, haircuts, grass cutting, etc) and you auction them off.

  • We also recommend that you partner with other local churches and see if they can do a special offering as well.

  • You can also sell advertising spots to local businesses (i.e. let them set up a booth, pass out flyers, hang a banner etc.)

We are always working on new fundraising ideas and tips, so please contact us if you are having trouble. Also if you have an idea that we don't have on here, please let us know as well. Thank you.



For those of you that will take an offering to help with the fundraising goal, here is the Script that we would ask you to present along with the video on the front page of this City Resource Center:

Part 1.
"In a moment, we are going to see a short video from a ministry called The Extreme Tour. This is a group of missionaries who work with folks like Luis Palau and the Gospel Music Association to train up young artists to learn to use their skills to demonstrate and Declare God's  Love to unreached people. They are coming to our city to serve us as we work together to do outreach here in our community. Here's a little video about what they will bring to us..."


Part 2.
"This team is coming completely as volunteers. They spend their whole summer traveling to communities like ours to serve churches like ours in their efforts to reach the lost. They do not charge to come.

Although they come for free, there are some costs they have that remain even after everyone volunteers and pays their own personal expenses. (Gas for hauling the sound system, Breakdowns,  administrative materials,  etc. There are 25-30 of them on the road with each team and between them all, they will volunteer in 20 different countries and 100 cities in the us alone! ) Each city represents about $1,500 in these expenses.

We agreed to try to help raise that need and they committed to come in faith that God will provide.

We are about to take an offering, to give anyone who feels so led, the opportunity to help with this effort. Of course this is not meant to be in place of your tithes or offerings for the church, and please don't feel like you have to give. This is just for those who might feel led to help this team help us reach our community..."


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*If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email your booking contact.