Here is a checklist that you can refer back to during the planning process. It beings with the basic questions about confirmation from the Pastor/Board to the venue permits (if needed) to building a team to help you make our time in your community a success. There is also a PDF version that you can print out and hand to your team to make it easier during meetings.

About the teams: We suggest building three teams out of those who are willing to be a part of this outreach event. The three teams that we suggest you assemble are hospitality, volunteer, and advertising. Each one has their specific checklists below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




  • Check with local authority (Senior Pastor, Etc.) and verify their approval.

  • Confirm the city and dates with Extreme Tour Staff and Management.


  • Check to see if special "Noise Variance" Permits are required for the selected venue. If they are, secure such permits and variances.

  • Make sure that there is adequate power available. We need about 60 amps of power total. Two 30 amp circuits (the standard for most electrical circuits) will be fine.


  • Build and arrange to meet with your local steering committee at least every other week, preferably every week, for prayer and planning.




  • Confirm Lodging Arrangements; preferably at a church or school or group of churches or schools. We ask for this only because it makes it a little easier to maintain a cohesive unity within the team, and it is easier to arrange for transport of team members back and forth to the venue. If it is not possible to house us in a single place, that’s okay. But, we USUALLY find that finding a church that has a gym and a couple of classrooms is usually MUCH easier than finding a bunch of host homes. Please keep in mind, if we have a day of travel scheduled to get to you (Mondays), that means that we will arrive the day before the first scheduled event. We will need lodging for three nights in that case, instead of the standard two.


  • Arrange for 3 potluck style meals: Dinner on the first event night, Lunch and Dinner on the second (event) day.


  • Find and secure approximately 100 bottles of water for the bands while they perform onstage. (This because of the harsh nature of the weather while performing outdoors during the summer.)




  • Designate a discipleship coordinator, who will oversee follow-up ministry to youth who respond at the event. Have follow-up materials ready at the event. If you'd like materials that anyone can use to help them make disciples, please contact our Artist and City Mentor.


  • Find and coordinate the efforts of 2-3 Security Guards during the Street Event, and 5 volunteers for set up and teardown of the Street Event.


  • Check in with the Volunteer staff about a week before and remind them of the needs and their assigned tasks. That way, you get a “Heads Up” if anybody can’t be there.




  • Begin advertising the event with the local churches about a month to a month and a half beforehand. Follow the instructions on the advertising page that we will send you by advertising it to churches as an opportunity for outreach and an opportunity to rally the local youth ministries for an exercise of Unity within the Body of Christ.


  • Arrange to hang Posters and hand out Flyers according to the instructions given in the advertising checklist NO SOONER than 2 and a half weeks before hand. Be sure to check in on posters every few days to assure that they are still up. Also have them send a copy of the Press Release, that we provide, to the local media in your area. Be sure to call and confirm that the editors or reporters DID receive and review the Press Release. We also contact the media in your area, but it helps for them to hear from a local contact. THIS IS A VERY GOOD WAY TO FURTHER THE PRESENCE AND IMPACT OF YOUR MINISTRY IN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY.


We recommend fasting and praying for the event with your team for a day during the week before the event.


  • Continue employing your discipleship strategy! Don’t rule out the members of your youth group being involved with making disciples (Matt. 28:18-20)! Start meeting with the people God brought across your path at the Event. If God brought certain types of kids that might not “fit into your group,” think about starting a Bible study or a home fellowship with them near or at the location you held the Event!

  • If you would like assistance with discipleship, preparing a team of disciple-makers, or how to start a home fellowship, please contact our Discipleship Coach via the Contact button. We have very reproducible tools to give you in order to make every disciple a disciple maker, every disciple a home fellowship starter, every location a home fellowship, and every church a training ground to disciple and home fellowship makers who will make more and healthy disciples everywhere they go.


Next Step?
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*If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email your booking contact.