The average size of an Extreme Tour team is 25-35 people. These include bands and performers, a team leader, and support staff.

The music acts chosen by the Tour are selected from among hundreds of applicants, with the express purpose of being effective at reaching the counterculture, unchurched the forgotten and "fringe" in the community.

We also come prepared in each city to host a skate competition/demonstration and/or extreme games such as the famous "Tampico Challenge."

By participating in the non-profit ministry that is the Extreme Tour, these artists have waived receiving any honorariums or payments for their performances, allowing us to bring thousands of dollars' worth of value to city coordinators looking for a way to reach the at-risk in their towns.



Over the years we have been blessed to have with us some of the best sound engineers and production crew in the business. This year, as in the past, the Production Team members will be donating their time, services, and equipment to the effort in your city. The value of that donation is up to $5,000 per city.



We provide downloadable flyers, posters, and other promo materials to you at no charge, including templates for press releases, and, if requested, television and radio advertising materials. Our coordinator's guide also features advice and instruction on how to best make use of these materials.



We've done everything possible to reduce the burden on coordinators when it comes to hosting the team. We cover our own transportation costs.

We do not require hotels or beds for lodging, and our team members bring air mattresses and bedding with them so that housing can easily be arranged. We also require only two meals per full day in town (3 meals total for most events), and these can be potluck style, so that costs are further reduced.

Our desire is to simplify and streamline the process for the Gospel's sake...so that His kingdom, not ours, will grow and prosper!



Our team provides the Gospel Message and delivers it in a relevant, relatable way that can be received and understood by those outside of the mainstream or religious culture. We listen to and mentor those who attend the events, often during a time of acoustic worship after each event.

Upon request, we also can provide Bibles and/or discipleship materials for anyone who has made a decision at
The Extreme Tour event or through your ministry for anyone who has responded. These materials are suitable for people of all ages, whether they are just starting their relationship with Jesus, or wanting to get closer to Him. If desired, we have staff available, with years of experience, who can coach coordinators or members of their team in making more and healthier disciples of Christ.



If scheduling permits, our teams are often able to participate actively in Sunday services or other church services, activites, or events that may be going on while we are in town. These would be in addition to the main ministry we would hope to accomplish while we are with you. Our desire is to serve you and your church as well as to serve the larger community, and we are happy to share about what we do, lead worship, perform special music, or serve in almost any other way you can think of. We look forward to standing with you in your efforts.





At a minimum, we only need floor space to accommodate at most 25-35 people, with access to daily showers. We actually PREFER to be housed at a single site, (a church, a gymnasium, etc.) This makes traveling together simpler to accomplish. Lodging can also be in host homes or at multiple sites, however.

Ideally, please be able to have separate smaller areas for individual bands or small groups to stay (Sunday school rooms, etc.) At the very least, some private space for any married couples who are part of our Team would be great. The easiest way to handle the shower requirement is to have a shower at the place of lodging. But if this is not possible, there are other ways. Securing day passes to a local gym, fitness club, or YMCA, for example (many such institutions are glad to donate  these!) Alternatively, local friends or parishioners may be willing to open up their homes during morning hours for the team to take showers. Or a single motel room can be secured nearby, just for the team to use for showers.

We know that the lodging can be the most difficult need to fill. We are VERY appreciative of all the hard work that is done to meet this need. If you do not have a church or other obvious building that works easily to meet the lodging requirement, talk to your contact on our staff about other solutions. These might include 2-3 host homes, a vacant winter or vacation house, a friendly nearby church willing to help, a school, etc.

We do NOT want the lodging needs to be the only reason that this Outreach does not happen. So again, please call if lodging appears to be a problem.



We have found that serving the 3 meals “Potluck Style” is often the simplest and most successful way to meet this need. We request that the menu not include seafood or mushrooms so as to not conflict with any allergies of the team. Due to the frequency of their offering, we ask that any city planning to serve pizza, spaghetti, lasagna or hot dogs please consult with a staff person first to see if this will be appropriate. Any fruits and vegetables are appreciated- we try to eat as healthy as possible to keep our team strong and ready to work...

The meal schedule is as follows: Dinner on the night that the team arrives, Lunch and Dinner on the second day. Breakfasts are not recommended as bands tend to sleep in, and we do not want to waste any of your efforts or resources. Midnight snacks are greatly appreciated, but are, of course, not required.

*Having a chili cook-off or a BBQ contest for our team to "judge" is a great way to provide a meal while encouraging interaction from your congregation or community members.



In addition to beverages served at meals, please try to provide 100-150 water bottles for the time of the event. This is to help preserve the performer’s voices and keep everyone hydrated as they tour extensively with us.



We request approximately 5 able bodied people to be on hand at the time of "set-up" for the event, which is usually in the early afternoon, and the same amount of people available to help with "tear-down" at the event's end (typically at about 10pm.)

2-5 able-bodied men should be present during and throughout the event, to assist as security. These requests are to help ease the burden on our team.



An Extreme Tour Event should be held in a PUBLIC setting, which you secure, large enough to hold as many people as you feel would attend. This venue should NOT be at a church or in a religious or private atmosphere. The event cannot be ticketed or require a cover charge, and cannot be in a venue that serves alcohol. The ideal Extreme Tour venue is a skatepark, city park/pavilion, band stage or other outdoor venue in an accessible place; it can even be on a blocked-off city street or parking lot, if that is a place where at-risk and counterculture teens already hang out. Church parking lots, buildings, etc. are usually only used as a last resort (if the police shut down the skatepark the day before the event...there is a rainstorm, etc.)

You must secure any and all necessary permits, insurance, etc. as well as make sure that noise ordinances are satisfied. This is not as difficult as it sounds! Nearly all churches with buildings that sponsor public events will have the event covered by their church insurance automatically.



This is not required, but if you can arrange for the Tour to perform at a special "hype event" it will GREATLY increase the power of your outreach! This usually means a school assembly or performance at a public school during lunch. It can also be a performance at a popular secular music venue or coffee shop, a youth center or shelter, or inside or outside a restaurant where teens hang out for lunch. Anything that lets our bands "preview" themselves in a place where lots and lots of teens and young adults hang out.

You can also arrange with your Tour team's leader for the team to perform and speak as special guests in your church or to do a church rally concert for your congregation and other churches that want to be involved in the outreach on Day 2.

For either of these kinds of supplementary events, of course we will need the local coordinator to make the arrangements. Talk to a Tour staff person about how easy it can be!



There needs to be an adequate power source for the outreach (usually about 60 AMPS.) If the event is in a skatepark or city park, be sure that the power works and will be turned on for the duration of the event. In the event that no power source is available, then a generator or generators will need to be provided.



The Extreme Tour survives as a ministry because of the fundraising efforts of our local coordinators. We ask that in each city, the coordinators make an effort to reach our fundraising goal. This year that goal is $1,500 per city. This number is reached by dividing the Extreme Tour's total annual budget by the number of cities reached the previous year.

We are committed to reaching your city; your success in reaching this goal does not effect that. We know that God will provide regardless. We only ask that our hosts do all that they can to help us meet these needs. This guide contains tips and advice on how to get help, if needed.


Well, that’s about it. We will work with you in any format you feel God has led you to use for Outreach. We are prepared to help you with a tried and true format should you be unsure of how to go about this. In short, our goal is to reach the lost for Jesus. We will do whatever it takes to work with your ministry/community as servants! If you have not fully made the commitment to bring the Extreme Tour this year, please let us know if you have any further questions as you pray and seek God for His direction. Thank you for your time!

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*If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email your booking contact.