An Extreme Tour event is what you make of it. If this event is promoted right, it can be as big as literally ANY other Festival that your city does, secular OR Christian. We say that from experience. We have had as many as 15,000 people at our event (Antelope, 2001.) Our dream is always to create events that entire towns talk about all year long.

However, it can also be a tremendous flop. NO event draws crowds magically. Without the proper promotion, nobody knows the event is in town and therefore, there is no draw. No matter HOW GREAT the event is.

Why is it important to worry about drawing a crowd? Well, the reality is that we want to reach as many as possible. The more people that come, the more people that we can share Jesus with. And that is why we are there. We are not wrapped up in numbers. We will play for 1, even zero. After all, God is ALWAYS there, and He is ALWAYS worthy to be praised. However, we want to be as effective for God as possible.

Obviously, it will be up to you and your helpers to get the word out. However, we have come up with some resources that we can provide that will help you as you look to advertise the Extreme Tour Event in your area. It’s almost a guarantee, that, if you do all or most of the things on the following page, you will attract those whom we are trying to reach.

And who are we trying to reach? This Tour is designed to reach at-risk and unchurched people groups. Specifically, the “Trouble Makers,” “The Throw-Aways,” and the “Heathens” that are in our communities. For the most part, these are people that would NEVER walk in the doors of a church. THAT’S why this Tour was created. To REACH those that will NEVER come to us. We are here to GO TO THEM.

For this reason, it makes more sense to advertise this event primarily in the secular market. After all, they will never see the poster we hang, or the flyers we pass out, or the announcements we make at church. They just aren’t there. Do promote the event at the Church; we want the church to support the event, but DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE, EVEN FOCUS ON, THE SECULAR MARKET. They will probably NOT be invited by one of the members of your church because they probably would already be AT your church if your members would invite them, OR if they were willing to accept such an invitation.

Simply put, this event is most effective when marketed as a MUSIC event. NOT as a “Christian” event. Everybody likes music. Not everybody feels welcome at a “Christian” event. (You would be surprised how many people tell us “I would have come to your event, but I thought it was just for “Christians”.) So, hang posters in the secular world, hand out flyers in the secular world. Do as MUCH as you possibly can in the secular market. THAT’S OUR TARGET AUDIENCE.

You will find that businesses are much more willing to be involved and help advertise when you emphasize the “positive message” and “free event” side of it as well, as opposed to the “Christian Bands” or “Gospel Music” side of things.

We are not talking about being deceiving. Certainly, do not HIDE the fact that this is Christian. Rather, present it to non-believers on terms they can relate to. Music, sports, fun, etc. Show them Christians are normal. Christians can have fun too. Best of all, they are welcome to come “have fun” with us! No pressure. Just Love. THAT is what they will respond to most.

Be sure to check out the document called "Advertising Tips and Tricks." Like I said before, if you do all or most of these, I GUARANTEE you will have a great turnout, and LOTS of people will hear the gospel. Some, for the very first time. Check out this list and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


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*If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email your booking contact.