This is Ted Bruun, the Director of The Extreme Tour. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and for having the awesome heart to participate in The Extreme Tour by serving as a local Event Coordinator and Host.

Please consider the following carefully as it relates to things you will need to know as a part of our team.

Extreme Tour Events are Community Events, suitable for all ages and all members of the community. It's important to remember they are not just music events, and also that they are not specifically "religious" events aimed at a "religious" audience. These are events designed to bring the community together and connect people in need with people that care about them, and to resources that will help them. 

You can certainly say that these events are designed to be a real service to the communities we visit. Never forget though that, for all of us on the staff and leadership of The Extreme Tour, this is a Faith response. We want to share the Love, Hope, and Life we found in Jesus. We want to "Demonstrate and Declare" the Love of God with those we meet at these events.  We are excited to work with organizations and ministries like yours that are about that same goal or purpose.

The Extreme Tour Team is a diverse group, representing some of the best new emerging musical talent in the world today. And, more importantly, a staff and team including many other Godly men and women from all over the world who want to serve alongside you. The Extreme Tour Event in your town will represent an investment in your effort to reach your city of literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of selfless donations of time, talent, equipment, and resources that are given at a great cost by the members of our team. We are excited to stand with you, and we come to serve, not to be served. 

Still, it is important to let you know that we are NOT perfect. We are a motley crew at times. A band of quirky and creative types that struggle with our flesh, our ego, and our old nature just as much as the next person. We are not yet completely the men and women we want to be, and perhaps not always the people we ought to be. Apart from God’s Grace and His Spirit’s Work within us, we would be just as lost as those that we play for. And in the end, it is God’s Grace and Grace alone that enables us to shine His Light at all. Or for that matter, to be saved from this present darkness ourselves.

Of course, I am not saying this to diminish any person on our staff or on our team. Nor am I saying that we do not STRIVE to be all that God calls us to be. As staff, we are all participating on this tour as an act of obedience to the Calling that we feel God has placed before us for our lives. And this will take a level of personal sacrifice that our flesh will hate. But I want to be clear that it is only because of the Holy Spirit at work in us when we succeed—not because of any special righteousness on our part.

For this reason, you should expect a team of “real people” to arrive to work with you on the Tour Event. Real people who aren’t perfect in all that they say and do. Real people who mess up sometimes. Real people who will need your grace and love when we miss the mark. And, with the diversity often represented in the fabric of community partners we come together with, and the artists on our roster, people who are at various different levels in their spiritual development.

Please do not bring this tour to your city if you cannot grant us the grace you expect us to preach to the lost. Please do not bring this tour to your city if you are counting on our “righteousness” to compel the world to rethink their “wicked ways.” Please do not bring this tour to your city if you do not plan to love us like you should love those that will respond at the event: with the Love of Jesus.

If you cannot love US, your Brothers and Sisters in Christ, you probably will not love those we have come to reach. This Love is critical to ANY evangelistic effort. And especially critical to this effort, a cooperative one from a group of imperfect people who desire to give their all in service to the God we both serve.

While the events and activities surrounding the tour are exciting, and indeed, very entertaining, I should also remind you that we are not coming to your city just to entertain Christian youth. That is not what we are built for. There are more appropriate tour packages available from the industry, featuring bands your kids may have heard of, that you can use for that. We partner with churches to bring the Love of Jesus to the lost in your community, to those who will never, under other circumstances, darken the doorway of your church.

As the organization coordinating this community outreach effort, our measure of success will have nothing to do with how well received we are by your youth group, how rocking the show is, or how much merchandise we sell. Rather, we will ask: Do people see Jesus and His love when they see us?

His LOVE, not our righteousness.

Be prepared to receive the lost at this event. Baggy jeans, tattoos, piercings, colored hair, tough, broken people who don’t know they have violated God’s rules because they don’t even know what His rules are. They don’t need to know His rules to know their need. They know they have violated their OWN rules. It is specifically THIS group of people that we have teamed up with you to reach. And it WILL take ALL of us.

Let’s be clear: This event cannot be the entirety of your ministry with these kids in your community. We are just a two-day event. While there will be many relationships formed at the event that will lead to salvations later on, don’t expect your job to be done when we leave town. On the contrary, it’s only the beginning.


They NEED people who will be available at 2 AM to help them get through the night as they struggle with addictions, loneliness, despair, etc. They need people who will still love them, with the Love that God has for them, even when they fall down again. They need people who will help them get back up when they fall down again. AND THAT’S WHAT GOD’S LOVE DOES!


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