Hello there! This page is an acknowledgement (a due diligence and good faith agreement) to confirm your understanding of what it means to host an Extreme Tour event in your city. We will work in concert with you and the vision God has given you to demonstrate and declare His love to your community. We will assist you in strategizing for this effort, based on the tried and true format God has given us over the years. In short, we will do all that we can to stand with you to reach the lost for Jesus.

Once you have read and understood the information below, please fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page. This is also a confirmation of the dates that were given to you. Once this is submitted, we will now start planning our time with you!

What The Extreme Tour brings to your city:

  1. Bands
    We typically travel with 5–7 of the nation’s best new unsigned, or recently signed, bands, and they have all donated their time and talents for this effort. Certainly, only with God, would it be possible for such a generous donation of time and talent from such a diverse group of people. To put that generosity in perspective, the value of the donated honorariums and performance fees average up to $10,000–$15,000 per city!

  2. Production
    Over the years we have been blessed to have with us some of the best sound engineers and production crew in the business. This year, as in the past, the Production Team members will be donating their time, services, and equipment to the effort in your city. The value of that donation is up to $5,000 per city.

  3. Promotional Resources
    All of the promotional materials involved with The Extreme Tour publicity campaign are provided to you at no additional charge. This includes poster designs, flyer designs, internet ddvertising, press releases, and (upon request) television and radio advertising materials. The value of these donated services and materials is up to $2,000 per city!

  4. Logistical Support
    We also work to reduce the expenses that would normally surround just getting all the team members transported to, and accommodated during, The Extreme Tour event in your city. For instance, ALL of the performance team members take care of their own transportation costs rather than charging you for their airfare or gas.

    We also have removed the normal requirements of hotel rooms, accepting just about anywhere that you can find for us to sleep in. This is a tremendous savings compared to the cost of bringing other tours in.

    Finally, we have removed the catering requirements normally involved in bringing in the artists that are with us. Instead, we will eat just about anything you set before us. Altogether, these changes add up to a savings of up to $3,000–$5,000 a city!

What The Extreme Tour needs from our City Coordinators:

  1. Lodging
    We need lodging for roughly 25–35 people that make up the road team of staff and bands. We bring our own bedding and air mattresses, and simply need a safe, clean facility with floor space, access to showers (preferably on site with the lodging), and a few separate areas for married couples if possible. We actually PREFER to be housed at a single site, but we are flexible.

    EXAMPLES: Community centers, churches, schools, music venues, camps, retreat centers, host homes, etc.

  2. Venue
    We ask our hosts to secure a venue for the community event that is in an appropriate neutral setting, outside the standard venues for religious activities and events. We STRONGLY recommend that this venue not be a church, church parking lot, or other religious facility. There needs to be adequate power available for the production equipment that we bring with us. (Usually about 60 AMPS of power.) You may also need to consult the city about obtaining an “excessive noise” permit if the venue is an outdoor one. (Strongly Recommended.)

    EXAMPLES: Skate parks, community centers, blocked off city streets, city parks, vacant lots, downtown areas, housing project common areas, etc.

  3. Meals
    We need a total minimum of 3 meals per city—dinner on the first night and lunch and dinner on the second day. Breakfasts are not recommended as many of the bands do not eat breakfast. Midnight snacks are greatly appreciated, but are, of course, not required. Please provide a minimum of 150 bottles of water for the bands during and at the event. (This is to help preserve the performer’s voices as they tour extensively with us.)

    EXAMPLES: Potluck style meals, donations from local restaurants, caterers, stores, etc.

  4. Event Promotion
    Like any other interaction with your community, you will need to let your neighbors know that you are putting this event on for them. We will advise you in your efforts to do so. This will help you engage your community so that the event is a success.

    EXAMPLES: We provide all of the promotional materials to engage the community through methods like hanging up posters, passing out flyers, and following our instructions to get the word out.

  5. Fundraising
    There are some costs that need to be provided for in each city. This need represents all the administrative costs being divided up between all of the cities that are involved with the Tour this year. This money is what pays for necessary administrative travel, office expenses, utilities, telephone costs, postage and shipping, hauling the production equipment, etc; all that is required in order to put on a Tour like this one. The total fundraising goal per city is $1,500 this year.

    Please understand that we are committed to work with you to reach the lost in your city. We are simply asking that you do all you can to meet this financial need. If, after doing all that you can, you find yourself unable to raise the full amount; we will work to make it possible to come anyway. We are simply asking that you do all you can to provide for the financial need.

    EXAMPLES: Church offerings, community donations, local business sponsorships, event vendors, bake sales, grants, etc.

*This information can also be found in the City Brochure PDF that was emailed to you previously as well as on the City Resource Center section of our website.*


Thank you for reading through this information. We are excited to serve alongside you in your efforts to reach your community. We are now ready to put you on the schedule for this year's tour! Please fill out the following brief form in order to confirm that you have read through, understand, and will work to meet the needs our team will have while we are with you. Please be advised that, at this point, changes or cancellations would require 45 days notice or more. Thank you again. We will see you soon!

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Yes, I am ready to proceed with being placed on the schedule for this year's Extreme Tour. I commit to host the team The Extreme Tour will bring to serve with me as I reach out to my community. I will work to meet their needs, as outlined above, and will give at least 45 days notice for any changes or cancellations. *